Crafting the Perfect #314Day in the ‘Lou

If you’re reading this blog post anywhere other than St. Louis, Missouri, March 14th is probably just another chilly Tuesday.

Sure, some folks call it “Pi Day”, and celebrate with a slice of their favorite ‘za. But that sounds a little rudimentary to us.

Here in St. Louis, March 14th is a 24-hour homage to everything we love about our 314 area code:

  • Pints of local beer? $3.14
  • Sales at local boutiques? 31.4% off
  • Pastries at the local coffee shop? $3.14
  • Guided tours of the STL greenways? 3.14 miles

You get the idea!

When we tossed the question, “what would your perfect #314Day entail?” to our Circa agents and Operations Team, we knew the answers would run the gamut of creativity. The fact is, there are a lot of ways to make the most of 24 hours in the ‘Lou. If you’re out and about today (or in #314Days down the road) here’s where you’ll find us:




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